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Connecting people and solving problems with community-centered solutIons. Learn more about Michael and some of the successful projects he’s guided over the past decade.


News about the City of Yelm, the City of DuPont under Grayum's Leadership




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Line Roy
City Council, City of Yelm & Chamber Executive Director

“Michael is energetic, effective, and efficient. He is exceptionally passionate about ensuring the success of the projects he works on, and in community engagement. He leads with enthusiasm and with high, but achievable expectations.”

J.W. Foster
Mayor, City of Yelm

“Most importantly though, Michael is the real deal - he listens with empathy, leads with integrity and helps everyone around him grow and work better together. He was integral to our success and will be a great addition to any organization he works with in the future.”

Dave Somers
County Executive, Snohmish County

"Michael has great communication skills, is always able to sort through complicated issues and get to their core. Michael is organized and focused and he is a pleasure to work with. His information and recommendations are always rock solid. I endorse him heartily."

Mike Grella
Director of Economic Development & Infrastructure, Amazon

"Michael has been highly articulate, proactive, customer/constituent minded, business-friendly and was a trusted partner and ally throughout the site selection, development, construction, and launch phases of the project. Michael has the business smarts, political savvy, communication skills and solution-focused strategic thinking to be successful in all future endeavors."

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