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Celebrating Volunteerism and Creating Community - Michael Grayum, Board Chair

One of my greatest joys as Chair of wear blue: run to remember is the opportunity to appreciate, support, and shine a spotlight on those who serve our country and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. In celebration of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we acknowledge the enduring contributions of the hundreds of volunteers who work across the United States to honor the service and sacrifice of military members and their families.

wear blue: run to remember is comprised of a national community of citizens, athletes, businesses, cities, and military bases who honor the sacrifice and service of the US military by conducting community events and programs promoting which serve as a living memorial for fallen men and women. At the heart of everything is our national team of dedicated volunteers who are instrumental in connecting the service and sacrifice of the military with communities across the United States. Through handcrafted programs and events, our volunteers are the backbone of our work to help heal invisible wounds and honor fallen service members through active remembrance. Volunteers support and sustain six national programs developed to empower military service members—the fallen, the fighting, and their families.

Since September 11, 2001, over 7,000 American service members have given their lives in overseas operations, affecting almost 80,000 surviving family members. The families are left behind to bear the weight of their loved one's sacrifices. Through wear blue: run to remember, the predominantly volunteer staff of its national team has—to date—partnered with communities across the country, paid tribute to the lives of 12,5000 fallen service members, and supported 1,000 families of the fallen in ways that empower them to lead healthier, inspired lives.

Founded by a small group of families seeking to support one other while their spouses deployed, the organization has expanded its reach across the country. Over 1,500,000 athletes have supported the military by participating in wear blue races since 2010. The following video highlights the tremendous impact volunteers have on the families of the fallen:

Please take a moment this Volunteer Appreciation Week to recognize and thank those around you who invest energy into advancing this important mission. And remember, everyone can be a part of this national effort when you step out to run, cycle, row, and lift weights by being intentional and purposeful about holding our servicemembers, their families, and the families of the fallen in your steps.

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