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Five ways to celebrate and participate in Public Service Recognition Week

One of my core beliefs is that good government and dedicated public servants can improve our quality of life and economic prosperity in every community. As a servant leader, I strive to encourage and grow employees and neighbors to invest in our shared success.

In celebration of Public Service Recognition Week, I want to express profound gratitude and appreciation to all my friends and colleagues in local, state, federal, and tribal governments for all you do every day. I also want to thank the thousands of neighbors and community volunteers who have dedicated their time and efforts to our public service departments. You fight for our freedom, provide clean water to drink, create and sustain incredible places for us to recreate, respond to natural disasters, solve public health and public safety crises, and manage everything else thrown your way. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and know that I am proud to serve alongside you.

Below are a few ideas and resources to help you join this weeklong effort to honor public employees and tell them their dedication and service are noticed and appreciated. #PSRW #AttitudeofGrattitude


  • Create an online “thank you” card and invite your coworkers, employees, and the public to write what public service means to them.

  • Email a public service professional in your family or network a certificate of gratitude.

  • Use social media or your organization's electronic newsletters to publicize PSRW and the accomplishments of public service employees.

  • For those with children at home, have them make a thank you card that you can post on social media or send to your favorite team of public employees.

  • Simply say "thank you" when you see one of these local heroes out in your community.



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